domingo, setembro 19, 2010

The Economist: Nobody's backyard. The rise of Latin America

O título da Economist faz referência a uma expressão utilizada nos EUA ao se referirem à América Latina. Diz-se, aqui, que "a América Latina é o quintal dos EUA". Daí, o título da revista: "Quintal de ninguém - a ascenção da América Latina", com a América Latina acima dos EUA.


Latin America’s new promise—and the need for a new attitude north of the Rio Grande

This year marks the 200th anniversary of the start of Latin America’s struggle for political independence against the Spanish crown. Outsiders might be forgiven for concluding that there is not much to celebrate. In Mexico, which marks its bicentennial next week, drug gangs have met a government crackdown with mayhem on a scale not seen since the country’s revolution of a century ago. The recent discovery of the corpses of 72 would-be migrants, some from as far south as Brazil, in a barn in northern Mexico not only marked a new low in the violence. It was also a reminder that some Latin Americans are still so frustrated by the lack of opportunity in their own countries that they run terrible risks in search of that elusive American dream north of the border.

Democracy may have replaced the dictators of old—everywhere except in the Castros’ Cuba—but other Latin American vices such as corruption and injustice seem as entrenched as ever. And so do caudillos: in Venezuela Hugo Chávez, having squandered a vast oil windfall, is trying to bully his way to an ugly victory in a legislative election later this month.

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