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Banksy cria abertura polêmica para os Simpsons

Mais uma do grafiteiro/artista multimídia mais cool do mundo. Texto do site da MTV americana:

Before Banksy became a multi-million dollar selling "Art Star," his often-political and frequently strange work would stop you in your tracks, even if only for a few seconds. Once he started showing in galleries and the likes of Brad Pitt started buying his work (at his first show in the US, we saw Christina Aguilera wandering the halls), his art began to become a little too obvious, and his sloganeering tended towards the ham-handed. But you know when leftest punk bands would sign to large corporate major labels and claim they were about to "subvert the system from within" but never quite managed to? Well, it looks like Banksy just did.

On last night's episode of "The Simpsons," the credit sequence started as normal. The only hint that things might be awry was the word "Banksy" scrawled across a few of the walls and billboards of Springfield. But once the family hit the couch, things got interesting. The show outsources much of its animation to South Korea, and the sequence focuses on the sweatshop conditions of a Fox animation gulag: overworked adults and children dip cels into toxic materials, decapitated dolphin heads seal packages, and a chained and sickly unicorn punches holes in "Simpsons" DVDs.

Okay, as satire, it's a bit over-the-top. What is shocking is that Fox ran Banksy's ballsy critique of outsourcing, "The Simpsons," and the standards and human rights conditions that people in first world nations accept. It's uncomfortable and dark, and not what's expected from the modern "Simpsons," which mainly consists of "Homer hurts himself" jokes. With the pretty-funny "Flight of the Conchords" episode that started the season off, and now with Banksy's critique-of-capitalism credits, it might even be possible that "The Simpsons" has caught a second wind by finding its dark side.

Banksy Simpsons intro from Xandre Fekaas Robin on Vimeo.

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Blogger Old Immigrant disse...

Muito legal. A grande questão é saber se as criancinhas (e os pais delas) se ligaram nas referências que o Banksy fez. Uma coisa é ler a crítica escrita pelos especialistas, outras é ter a sua própria opinião e chegar a conclusões por si mesmo.

10:49 PM  

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